Meet Nada

Hi, I'm Nada Miljković and founded the project, Artist on Art, that centers around the creation of digital portraits. My mission is to help artists and great thinkers express themselves via various forms of multi-media such as video, radio, and performance. I work as storyteller in the digital realm and am motivated to bring the voices of artists to non-artist people and make art more accessible to everyone.

I began working in film and radio in the early 90s, interviewing people on the radio, writing screenplays, and making movies while collaborating with San Francisco Bay artists. I continue to do live radio and my latest film project is called the Joymakers about the Southern Serbian Romi.

Artist on Art uses various ways of capturing images and video to help you display your art in a manner in which you could both present your best pieces and get interest by discussing your inspiration, as well as deliver your message in a professional and educational manner.

Join us for our weekly radio show, Cruz, News and Views, on KSQD 90.7 FM, Wednesdays at 3pm.